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所在地区:香港 办学类型:民办学校招生年级:幼儿园 、小学 、初中 、高中留学国家:美国 、英国 、澳大利亚 、加拿大
Alberta Program
Delia School of Canada’s Alberta Program provides a caring and inclusive atmosphere that is designed to provide meaningful learning experiences, promote equal opportunities and embrace learner differences in all students through specifically designed instructional supports. Student well-being and personal growth are key elements of the curriculum. In an increasingly global and interconnected world, international education helps students build a global outlook and acquire international and intercultural knowledge, skills and awareness. Alberta certified teachers create environments where students collaborate and communicate their understandings in a variety of ways. Students use their creativity to be innovators and critical thinkers in an atmosphere where focusing on cultural and global citizenship is paramount. The program helps students improve their English language skills, and help them to develop a better understanding of cultural values, customs, and social expectations in English-speaking countries. The Alberta Program features an outstanding elementary program (Grades 1 - 6) and a secondary program (Grades 7 - 12) that provides choice to students in helping them prepare for the world ahead. DSC is committed to ensuring that all children and students are provided with an education that enriches their lives, prepares them for flexible careers in a diversified global economy, and provides them with the skills and tools they need to be successful, engaged and contributing members of the community The Alberta Program has six core values; Opportunity, Fairness, Citizenship, Choice, Diversity, and Excellence. Opportunity - Students are exposed to rich learning experiences that enable them to discover their passions and achieve their highest potential. Fairness - Students have access to the programs, ICT support services, and instructional excellence needed to achieve desired outcomes. Citizenship - Students have pride in their community and culture. They have a sense of belonging and work to improve both the community and the world. Choice - Students have a choice of both programs and methods of learning. Diversity - Students’ differing needs, cultures, and abilities are respected and valued within learning environments. Excellence - Students, teachers, and administrators achieve high standards The Alberta curriculum focuses on 21 Century competencies and delivers an outcome-based learning model.
地利亚加拿大学校(Delia School of Canada )是香港的私立国际学校之一,招收来自50多个国家的学生,每年招收1000多名学生,为1至12年级的学生提供优质的早期学习,小学和中学教育。



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